Private Company Service Offering

Many business owners confuse a CFO with an accountant.  While an accountant is an important team member of a properly operating management team, the accountant does not carry out all the roles of a CFO.  We can be of assistance in filling the holes in your CFO role.  Our background and experience can provide assistance in investment management and corporate finance as well as insurance and tax management.

Private companies often have CFO duties split between various owners and/or officers.  Fund raising is usually in the hands of the CEO and taxation is outsourced to a 3rd party accounting firm.  Risk mitigation is often ignored.  Future wealth transfer is an after-thought.  The circle is broken.

We can assist you with both investment management and corporate finance matters, including mergers, acquisitions, loans and equity capital.  All finance matters, including capital funding, tie back into taxation and future wealth transfer. We also provide advice on insurance products, ranging from corporate risk matters to group insurance plans and employee investment plans.